Skills development

All our truck drivers are qualified to convey dangerous goods and are evaluated annually in conjunction with the traffic department, in the form of a competition called “Driver of the Year”. This competition offers the opportunity to our truck drivers to be made aware of road safety and it also creates a platform to compete and to help develop and sharpen their skills.

Above average service is part of our mission and therefore we do not hesitate to invest money in all our employees to attend a variety of training programs. All our drivers complete the National Certificate in Professional driving learnership. This 12 month learnership program is fully accredited by TETA, who oversee training in the South African transport industry. The further aim of the learnership is to train unemployed people to become professional ultra-heavy truck drivers. We also continually enroll new drivers to observe, learn and grow.

All new drivers complete our two week Professional Driver Induction and Training program to ensures that all drivers are familiar with ORT’s procedures, documentation and customer expectations.


Above-average service is only possible with above-average personnel. The development of all our employees stays a priority for ORT and is an ongoing process.

Truck Driver of the Year 2019

Johnny Wilson

Truck Driver of the Year 2017/18

Vernon Green

Truck Driver of the Year 2016

Slammert Smith

Truck Driver of the Year 2014/15

Slammert Smith

Truck Driver of the Year 2013

Willem Scheffers

Truck Driver of the Year 2012

Deon van Syfer

Truck Driver of the Year 2011

Dawid de Klerk

Truck Driver of the Year 2010

Aubrey Louw

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